Managing Workspace

The help by Techs

The advancement in technology has contributed towards various sectors. One of these contributions is directed towards the office sector which has made work life more advanced and engaging. Work tool management is crucial to a proper working environment. It enhances the ability to use resources efficiently, mitigate work related risks and produce greater output on the overall. The modern products in the market can help you achieve space management goals.

Hiding Pathways

Cable management is a tricky task when there are trillions of desktop computers and other electronic equipment in question, especially in IT companies where this is the key subject. Tangled and broken cables are a common issue at such work places. To keep cables off ground and protect cords, Elsafe Cable Snake, Elsafe Pathway and BlueLounge Soba are available in the market. They hide the cables into paths; Elsafe Pathway is a new modular cable pathway tray and BlueLounge Soba combines cables into a single tube that can be routed along walls and hidden under desks. This enables you to work in a tidy environment and unnecessary hurdles like damaged cables from coming into your way causing you to delay your work.

Multi-screen Monitor Arm

Multi-screen Monitor Arm help mount more than one screen together which has enabled multi-tasking. You can view information over the screen together and make quicker decisions. They are also efficient in space management. This Multi-screen Monitor Arm is now used widely in security, healthcare and for digital signage. Most Multi-screen Monitor Arm can manage mounting up to six screens together. There are desk mounts, wall mounts and monitor arms readily available in the market.

Multi-screen Monitor Arm provides a full range of movement and are height adjustable. They can also be rotated into portrait and landscape positions.